Care au fost cele mai eficiente tooluri de marketing in 2007?

Fournaise Marketing Group a facut anul trecut un studiu ( Global Marketing Effectiveness Report) cu 3000 de marketing professionals despre eficienta/eficacitatea diferitelor instrumente de marketing pe care le-au folosit in 2007.

Rezultatele arata ca:

  • 65% of all marketing spend in 2007 had no effect on consumers.
  • Estimated wastage rates varied from 45% for business-to-business marketers, through to 65% for business-to-consumer.
  • Just one in ten of respondents have automated systems in place to track the effectiveness of their spend.  
  • Of the 55% of marketers who do track the results of their spending, 80% do so manually, spending hours capturing, compiling and analysing data.
  • Questioned on strategy, 70% of marketers believe that short-term revenue-boosting and lead-generation campaigns are more important than long-term intangible brand building (15%). A clear indication that  marketers are under pressure more than ever before to generate results.
  • Tracking marketing effectiveness topped the 2008 wish lists of 35% of marketers, and made the top three for 70%.

Cine este marele castigator in competitia celor mai eficiente tool-uri de marketing?

Nesparat…cu atata tehnologie, new medii etc etc…Direct Marketing remains Number One for Delivering Results says Fournaise Report .

  • DM is considered by both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers the most effective medium topping the 2007 global marketing Effectiveness Ranking  (EFFER);
  • DM ranked ahead despite three online media platforms surging into the EFFERs top 10 (email, online referrals and online display advertising) alongside traditional stalwarts like public relations, newspapers, outdoor and TV;
  • Cinema and online sponsorships ranked last and are in danger of being dropped by marketers if they are not able to deliver better results when it comes to engaging with the target audiences marketers are going after proof that not all traditional and online media platforms are judged to be effective. 
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