Mobile Marketing Association – Call for Papers

Chiar daca poate parea usor idealist, ma gandesc ca sunt destui pasionati si dedicati domeniului, gata sa participe la cresterea stiintei. Si de aceea, voi publica anuntul MMA.

Asadar, Mobile Marketing Association is on the hunt for papers to be considered for their upcoming June publication.

Lista subiectelor vizeaza urmatoarele:

  • Review of industry typology, definitions
  • Mobile marketing theory, frameworks, constructs, and concepts
  • Research methodologies and models suitable for studying mobile marketing
  • Effectiveness of mobile marketing across various traditional media channels, i.e. the mobile enhancement of traditional media
  • Mobile initiative metrics
  • Mobile customer relationship management
  • Effectiveness of mobile content, such as ringtones, mobile TV, video, images, etc., within the marketing mix
  • Application of multimedia within mobile marketing initiatives
  • mCommerce as it pertains to the marketing mix
  • Analysis of the various delivery methods: SMS, MMS, mobile internet, IR, IM, Bluetooth, mobile email, mobile portals
  • Analysis of future trends and impact of global, environmental, cultural, and/or political activities on mobile marketing
  • Use of mobile channel for philanthropy or politics
  • Demystification of the technology and elements needed to enhance mobile marketing adoption
  • Effective methods for bringing mobile marketing academic research to professionals
  • Mobile marketing, a global perspective

Toate amanuntele le puteti cere aici Inclusiv submission deadlines care momentan sunt indisponibile.


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  1. mma on

    I find this blog very interesting, i will be here everyday till now. Greetings

  2. MobileOnline Romania on

    In aceasta perioada de criza, un buget pentru mobile marketing, poate salva un P&L, al oricarei firme. Important este ca managerii sa investeasca in aceasta “arma”-mobile marketing, si rezultatele nu vor intarzia sa apara.

  3. ekspekt on

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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